Who We Are

CORE Tech is the leading Irish market provider of software for the agri-tech sector specifically in Dairy, Mill, and Retail which includes Hardware Retailing, Wholesale Retail and Agri -Trading.

We are specialists providing comprehensive, easy-to-use solutions that are tailored specifically to suit your sector and we have been doing this for over 30 years.

Market Share:

  1. Largest Supplier to Agribusiness Sector in Ireland
  2. We provide software to 70% of all Agri Trading Stores
  3. Over 30% of Feed Compounders use CORE Tech.
  4. We manage over 35% of Grain Intake & Payments
  5. 70%  Of ROI Milk Processors and 48% of NI Milk Pool use CORE.

We were acquired by Cultura Technologies in 2015. Being part of a multinational software power house strengthens our position in the sectors where we are strong and allows us to transfer many benefits to our customers. We are investing in our people and in R&D which will allow us to innovate our product suite and become leaders in international markets also. Our ambitious growth plans are fueled by an equally ambitious acquisition strategy.

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Our Mission

To provide agri- tech software that is innovative, cost effective and empowers our customers to improve margins and maximise resource planning.

We will achieve this by:

  1. Collaborating with customers, technology partners and the global expertise within Cultura Technologies our parent company
  2. Continuous investment in our talent pool, our people hold the key to our success
  3. Increasing our capability and market share through strategic acquisition

Our 6- Point Customer Promise: We will at all times provide:

  1. A collaborative and partnership based approach to all software investment requirements
  2. A best in class customer experience
  3. A flexible pricing matrix to allow for growth planning
  4. A customisable product suite to match your business strategy and budget
  5. Access to global expertise, methodology & cutting edge beta and test programmes across a range of new products and solutions
  6. Best practice advice and guidance on all software investment, to enable ROI measurement
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