CORE Customer Self Service

CORE Customer Self Service is a powerful web based mobile application, which enables customers to securely access their trading information online at their own convenience or while out of the office. It can significantly reduce overheads associated with storage and servicing of Copy Document requests by enabling customers to access copies online using a secure web environment

Data Presentation

The account data is presented for the individual customer logged on and allows views of all current and historical transactions. Details of invoices; payments, sales orders and their relevant status, purchases history this month & year to date with prior year comparison, forward sales & contracts, nitrates breakdown and grain supply are all available. In addition, it provides an efficient means of notifying customers of trading promotions, government and EU agricultural schemes and legislation. This is done through a secure web login that no one else has access to.

Ease Of Use

The ease of use; with a secure login; intuitive navigation, graphics and online help, makes the CORE Customer Self Service an ideal addition to a proactive business

Mobile Sales and CRM Data

Managers and sales people can also use the system remotely; via a laptop, tablet or smart phone to view customer information. Sales people are provided with a login which allows access to those customers assigned to them. They can view information relating to a customer’s trading account, sales information, CRM statistics and credit information. This enables sales people to have more informed discussions with their customers when out on site and importantly, identify trends in customer buying patterns and opportunities for further sales.


Analytics provide real-time tracking and graphical
representations of the customer’s visits, frequency of use and the most popular pages. Over time this provides data that enable companies to adapt the customer experience for maximum benefit.

Reduce Overheads

Information Access

Reduce Query Handling