CORE Fertiliser Deals Module

CORE Fertiliser Deals provides a highly controlled function to allow complete visibility and management of contracts agreed with fertiliser suppliers.

The Fertiliser Deals Module is seamlessly integrated with the CORE eProcurement system for managing your fertiliser contracts, providing up to the minute statistics of a deal as well as notification of pending cessation of a deal.

Allows the creation of value or quantity based Deals

Record Supplier Specific Adjustments

Fertiliser Deals can be generated down to a product level

Deal activates and updates from purchasing transactions containing the specified products

Supplier Adjustments apply to each product selected on the deal

Fully Audited Module


Fertiliser rebate is deducted from inventory cost without affecting the margin achieved on a product’s sale price

Accurate Recording of Stock Costs


Full visibility of current, upcoming, cancelled or completed deal information


Reports are available at any time on Rebates/Surcharges

Alert Emails sent when each Deal is near completion


Deals seamlessly open the next applicable deals when a product is on multiple supplier contracts

Deal Prices are Available only to the Deals User and Catalogue Users

Eliminates time spent manually calculating rebates for each load received

Margins are protected as end users do not have visibility of the true cost of deal products

Historical data can be accessed on the system when negotiating deal prices

Ensures correct rebate is redeemed from suppliers for each contract agreed