CORE Grain Intake & Payments

CORE Software is the primary supplier of integrated software solutions to the agri-business industry, and our experience and knowledge in this sector ensures the solutions provided are comprehensive, flexible and cater for all requirements.

Grain Intake / Payment

The CORE Grain Intake and Payments system contains facilities that handle all requirements from recording load dockets & test results to load valuation and grower payments for grain, pulses, oilseeds and other crops.

Pricing rules are flexible with multiple types of special pricing available. The ability for load dockets to be re-valued retrospectively if the grain payment schedules are changed during the season is also an important feature.

Grower Loyalty Payments

Additional functionality allows customers to provide for end of season loyalty payments to growers based on their purchasing behaviour throughout the season. This loyalty is rewarded through extra payments per tonne on crops supplied during the season.

Management of Contracts

One of the most important aspects of Grain Intake and Payments is the ability to manage your Grower Contracts over the course of a season. The CORE Grain Intake & Payments solution enables full control over every aspect of the contract.





Fully Integrated

The CORE Grain Intake and Payments allows for a flexible payment structure along with customised Statements.