CORE Haulier Payments

The COREmilk® Haulier Payment module is designed to calculate payments due to External Hauliers for milk collected ex farm and delivered over the weighbridge.


The amount payable to each Haulier is user defined and can be calculated using Collection Litres, Weighbridge Litres and Ad-hoc debit and credit adjustments.  Minimum and Excess Cartage Charges can also be applied based on the number of Collections each Haulier undertakes per Supplier.


The COREmilk® Haulier Payment module has the facility to post an invoice per Haulier to the Accounts Payable module for payments.

Flexible and Functional

This parameter driven module allows for Flexible and Functional payments structures that can be tailored to meet the Businesses current and future needs. Variable Payment Rates can be applied per Haulier or per Customer where information is valued by the Weighbridge or Metered litres.

Integrated with COREfinancials® & COREmilk®

Payments are made to the Haulier driven by the Collection & Weighbridge information on the COREmilk® system per Haulier. Invoices for Processing are made available via the Accounts Payable and totals are posted to the General Ledger.

Reduction in Duplicate Keying of Information

Payments and Invoices are calculated based on information already available within the system. There is no need to calculate the monies owed to each Haulier Individually and manually generate invoices for Payment.

Full Tractability on how Payments are made

The Haulier Portal does all the work for processing invoices and calculating Payments. The Details of how each Haulier was paid is available in the Breakdown enquiries and shows what information was used to make the Payment.

Reduce Paper work

With the Haulier Payments module the Hauliers invoice is generated by the system from the data captured during milk collection.

Providing a Reliable Service for your Suppliers

Using State of the art technology, you are providing a modern, easy to use platform for your Suppliers to review and analyse their information. This high performance mobile app shows your Suppliers you are leading the industry and not following behind others.

User Driven Pricing

The Pricing on how each Haulier paid can be set at an individual Level. Payments can be flexibly defined to pay different rates to different Hauliers and additional charges can be made based on the Customers the Milk was delivered to.

Accuracy of Payments

Payments are automated by the system. This ensures that you are paying your Hauliers based on the information they have provided you for Collections, removing the risk of manual error.

Time Savings

As all information required for paying the Hauliers is available on the system, there is no need to manually work this out per Haulier. This results in a reduction in costs and allows your staff to make better use of their Time.