CORE Milk Mobile App

The COREmilk® Mobile App – MilkedIn provides dairy farmers easy access to their milk data on the go.  MilkedIn is modern, user friendly and simple to use showing the milk supplier both current and historical data in relation to Collections, Quality Test Results, Rolling averages and Financial information.

When new results are available, farmers receive automatic notification to check the App for the updated quality result and also provides up to date monthly averages. The App empowers farmers and enables them to analyse their dairy performance in terms of Volume, Quality and Payments.

Available on IOS/Android Smartphones and tablets, MilkedIn gives Farmers access to all of their information while on the go. Once the Farmer is connected to the internet, the Farmer can see all of his/her current and historical Collections, Tests and Payments.

Notifications for Quality Results

When new Results are available from the Lab, a notification is sent to the Suppliers phone information them of their new results.

Up-to-date Monthly Averages

When new Results hit the phone, the Suppliers averages for the current period are updated. This gives the Supplier an indication of where he is in terms of Quality each day and helps with estimating payments due.

Single Sign on for Self Service and Mobile App

Using the same cloud based Technology, the Supplier only needs a single sign on to access the App and their Self Service Accounts.

Access to information offline

For those times out in the field where coverage is limited, the Farmers most recent Collections and Tests are stored within the App, allowing the Farmer to see how he’s performing, on the move.

Reduction in SMS Costings

The MilkedIn Mobile App notifies the Suppliers as soon as new results are available for viewing. With a Quality Test Text message being sent every second day for the average Supplier, the reduction in SMS spending is significantly reduced throughout the year.

Monthly and Annual Comparisons

Within the App, the Supplier can compare how they are doing this year versus last year or on a monthly basis. This helps the Supplier better Analyse their performance in terms of Quality and identify ways to produce better quality Milk.

Warnings for out of line results

Before downloading the app, the Society can determine the acceptable standards of Quality before the farmer downloads the app. If a Test falls above or below these limits, a flag is placed next to the Test Result to warn the Supplier of poor quality.

Providing a Reliable Service for your Suppliers

Using State of the art technology, you are providing a modern, easy to use platform for your Suppliers to review and analyse their information. This high performance mobile app shows your Suppliers you are leading the industry and not following behind others.

Quick Access to information

Information is available to the Farmers via the App as soon as the information is sent to the System. If problems arise with the Suppliers Quality, they can react in a timelier manner.

Reduction in Queries from Suppliers

When the information is available at the Suppliers fingertips, there is no need for them to request the information from the Co-op.

We have been rolling out the MilkedIn app for a few months now with great reaction. Farmers were waiting nearly two days before they got there results back, whereas now they generally get a notification within less than 24 Hours. Suppliers now have an abundance of information to avail of in a very sleek user-friendly App.
Hugh Holland - Barryroe Milk Quality Manager

I have been using the MilkedIn App now for a few months and I have found it to be an excellent method of receiving my milk collection details regarding volumes collected and the test results corresponding to that collection. I find I get my results much quicker now when using the MilkedIn App and it has become an essential device in analysing my milk data on a day to day basis. Having this knowledge at my fingertips is a very powerful piece of technology that every farmer should now be utilising.
Peter Fleming - Barryroe Dairy Farmer