The success of COREmilk® is due to decades of experience in the Dairy Industry where CORE lead the way in providing expert solutions in the latest technologies for the changing requirements of the industry.

COREmilk® is the modern interactive solution covering all aspects of Milk Management. The control of Member records; Milk assembly, Customer Deliveries, Quality Testing and Milk Valuation is modularised within one system.

COREmilk® is a fully Oracle based product and thus provides comprehensive data access and security features, full auditing of data changes and flexible menu structures.


The Milk Procurement process involves several groups including Farmers, Hauliers, Laboratories and Customers. The key to successful Milk Management involves ensuring a seamless transition between each of the groups and processes, through to final delivery to the customer. COREmilk® achieves this and more.


Features of Milk Member Details

  1. Facilitates setup and maintenance of a member profile
  2. Allows for Multiple farms to be recorded under one member profile
  3. Maintenance for Suppliers predicted, forecasted, fixed and liquid litres
  4. Optional Fields to build Knowledge database
  5. The Member Helpdesk is a single enquiry that provides the user with full access to all aspects of the supplier’s current and historical details such as collections, quality, payment, milk statements, free text notes and call logging.

Features of Milk Assembly

  1. Full milk traceability from farm collection to final destination
  2. Milk collection, delivery, unload and reload
  3. Weighbridge approval
  4. Mixed trips – Will allow for the collection of third party suppliers
  5. Records the litres of salvage milk and milk transferred
  6. Calculation of Four day averages
  7. Customer delivery reconciliation
  8. 3rd party collections not for payment
  9. Interface to Truck metering systems both GPRS & plugin such as Diesel, Piper and Bartec
  10. Module message which allows user to monitor the status of collections and deliveries are interfaced to the system
  11. Company relationship with Customer and Haulier.

Features of Quality Testing

  1. User Defined quality test types and parameters
  2. Calculation of geometric, simple and weighted Averages
  3. Colour coded Alerts of below standard and out-of-range results
  4. Interface to laboratory to capture quality test results
  5. Test result notification via SMS, Mobile App and truck metering system
  6. Provides detailed standard reports.

Features of Milk Payment

  1. Flexible Payment Structures
  2. User specification of rates for each constituent of milk.
  3. Manual entry of ad hoc debit and credit transactions
  4. Import of transactions from csv files
  5. Standard Deductions
  6. Generation of Milk Statement & reprint of historical Statements
  7. Direct payment to Banks
  8. A menu dedicated to the Period End run process
  9. Lock-out facility when payment in operation
  10. Interfaces milk balances to the CORE Accounts Receivable System
  11. Interfaces to CORE Bank Reconciliation and CORE General Ledger Systems
  12. Batch Emailing of Supplier Statements and Email Monitor
  13. Bonus Payments – facility to pay bonus on Volume delivered

Features of Fixed Milk Contracts

  1. Facilitates paying suppliers a different Butterfat and Protein KG price or a Flat price for a defined number of litres per month.
  2. Pays Multiple Fixed Contracts per supplier at any one time
  3. Analysis on the allocation of Fixed Litres used and Forfeited per Supplier
  4. Calculation of additional ad hoc adjustments on Fixed Litres
  5. Detailed breakdown of Fixed Milk Contracts available on Supplier Statements

Ease of installation and use


Flexible and functional parameters allow the user to tailor the system to current and future requirements.

Full Audit Trail – Each Load, Collection, Quality Test and Financial transaction and any changes that are recorded on the system are fully traceable

Comprehensive security and user access control



Interfacing to Truck Metering systems and Laboratories reduces the necessity of data entry.

Exports to Excel allow for further manipulation of data.


Early Valuation of milk in the month.

Customisable Milk Statement

Central Repository

Central Repository for all Milk Member information and call logging facility provides the basis for an efficient member helpdesk.

Data Integrity

the milk system is designed to significantly reduce the amount of manually keyed data there by releasing personnel to perform other tasks and also ensuring the integrity of the data.

Early Milk Valuation

Trial period ends can be executed multiple times to ascertain milk payment information.

Data Integrity

the milk system is designed to significantly reduce the amount of manually keyed data there by releasing personnel to perform other tasks and also ensuring the integrity of the data.

Period End

The data for the payment period is secured during the payment calculation process while the current period data is available to the users ensuring minimum disruption while maintaining data integrity.

Automation of Data Capture

The data collected by the Truck metering and Laboratory systems are automatically uploaded, reducing risk of human error and building information and knowledge from raw data

“COREmilk® has brought increased integration to the dairy business with a full solution across payments, share register, company financials and detailed reporting. It is a robust and flexible solution for dairy companies, allowing our systems to adapt to changing needs.”

Andrew Wafer, Management Accountant, Tipperary Co-Op.