We strategically specialise in BOTH Agri -Trading Retail, where many of our dairy and mill customers have demonstrated excellence in entrepreneurship by diversification into retail.  We equally specialise in Wholesale Retail for Hardware and DIY Merchants. Our purpose built software is NOT vanilla, it is built on 30 years of Agri – Trading and Retail Wholesale R&D.

We integrate and interface with all major ERP systems so that we can provide our customers with the exact front end functionality their unique business require. Our retail customers are some of the biggest success stories in Irish Agri-Trading and Wholesale Hardware in the country, they have been over the past 30 years and will continue to be for the next 30!

COREretail® is our comprehensive software solution that effortlessly handles single store, multi-branch trading and multi-channel selling and is specifically designed to increase profit margins and customer satisfaction. We created it in response to real industry demands and our solution has since been proven to increase gross margins through price, product and inventory controls.

We know exactly how much margin increases like this can mean to a business, our software manages the entire supply chain and centralises financial data so you can focus on strategically growing your business.

We offer one system with one view and a robust data analytics package to ensure that your business can make fast decisions in real time. We believe in solving problems, building high impact partnerships and collaboration with key stakeholders. Talk to us today about how our software can help you manage and grow your business.



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Understand how Heat Merchants moved from multiple Software providers to CORE’s user friendly and economic solution.



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