CORE Weighbridge

Our in-house weighbridge module, COREbridge®, provides the ability to take-on load dockets at weighbridges recorded locally or centrally; the linking of test results from lab systems, complete automation of bulk-in and bulk-out weighing and full integration with the payments system and haulier self-billing. All these attributes ensure accurate data and reduced time taken at the weighbridge.   

Stay on Bridge Facility

The Stay-On-Bridge feature enables a truck to remain on the bridge while it is being loaded. This means that when weigh in and out transactions are being processed the COREbridge® user is brought straight to the weight out stage as the truck is remaining on the bridge. This is very useful for producers who wish to load stationary trucks on the bridge and significantly reduces the keystrokes and amount of time required to carry out the weigh in or weigh out.

Bulk In/Bulk Out

Bulk In: Bulk In is used to process the weighing of any stock collected from third party stock locations which is brought into the business over the weighbridge.

Bulk Out: The Bulk Out facility is used to process weighing of stock to be delivered from your branch to customers and/or other branches that is being taken out of the business using the weighbridge.

Touch Screen Enabled

COREbridge® has been design using touch screen technology providing the system user with an intuitive approach to the weighbridge process flow, with onscreen buttons prompting the next stage of weigh in or weigh out. This greatly enhances the speed of the weighbridge operation and the user experience.

Grain Intake

COREbridge® has a specific option for managing the weighing of Grain Intake for the business. The user selects the grain icon and will be promoted to provide information on Truck Code, Vehicle Registration, Product, Supplier Code, Trailer ID and additional Grain Indicators. If required, notes and test samples can be taken at the time of grain intake and recorded on the system


Ad Hoc Weighing Service

The Ad-Hoc Service enables the business to offer a third party weighing service. There are two types, a single weighing service, (e.g. a vehicle weighing for tax purposes) and also a service weigh in and out, (e.g. a farmer weighs cattle in his trailer prior to going to the mart and on return from the mart weighs the empty trailer to get the cattle weight). The business has the option to charge for these services or not.

Fully Integrated

The COREbridge® is fully integrated with the CORE system. i.e. Once a Collection Order has been weighed out this information is fed back to our Contracts Module and the Supplier Contract Balance is updated as a result.

Full Audit Trail

There is a full audit trail of transactions over the weighbridge. Dockets can also be re-printed at a later stage.




User Friendly Design

The COREbridge® has a user friendly interface allowing for information to be recorded both quickly and easily by the Weighbridge Operator.