COREbridge® – Automated Weighbridge

The COREbridge® module provides the ability to record the weight of all milk that goes over the bridge both in and out. Milk loads collected ex-farm can be available on the bridge before the driver arrives if GPRS metering is in use. Ex-farm milk weighbridge litres are reconciled, to the load totals, of collected litres recorded in the Milk Payment system.

There is also complete automation of bulk-in and bulk-out weighing and full integration with the payments system and haulier self-billing. All these attributes ensure accurate data and reduced time taken at the weighbridge.

Ex-Farm Milk

COREbridge® has a specific option for managing the weighing of milk collected from the farm that is fast and efficient. The user selects the Ex-Farm Milk icon and enters driver or truck number, if GPRS metering is in operation the operator will be presented with milk loads collected from the farm and not yet weighed or the driver can manually enter the load information. An indicator to show a negative Antibiotic tests is just one of the configurable elements of the system.


To facilitate a net weight for milk, the weigh out of the truck takes place when leaving the compound. A weighbridge docket is printed displaying the details of the net weighing and the COREbridge® monitor is updated. The weighbridge litres are recorded within the milk payments module for automatic reconciliation with total litres per load recorded for individual milk suppliers

Quick Access Codes

Feature that will bring the user directly to the weigh in or weigh out stage. The users can simply type in a load ID number for orders going out or a purchase order number for orders coming in and they will be taken directly to the weigh in screen for that order.

Bulk In

Bulk In is used to process the weighing of any stock collected from third party stock locations which is brought into the business over the weighbridge. The COREbridge® system will find the order through a collection or purchase order number. The truck code; product code, quantity and buy unit are captured from the original order. The received date is defaulted to the date of weigh in

Bulk Out

The Bulk Out facility is used to process weighing of milk or powders to be delivered from your dairy to customers and/or other dairies that is being taken out of the business using the weighbridge. The original sales order is setup and scheduled for delivery. Once the quick access load ID is entered at the weighbridge, the appropriate truck code, quantity and Bin numbers can be entered, once weighed, this updates the transport scheduler and the appropriate customer accounts to be invoiced.

Touch Screen Enabled

COREbridge® has been design using touch screen technology providing the system user with an intuitive approach to the weighbridge process flow, with onscreen buttons prompting the next stage of weigh in or weigh out. This greatly enhances the speed of the weighbridge operation and the user experience

Adhoc Weighing Service

The Ad-Hoc Service enables the business to offer a third party weighing service. There are two types, a single weighing service, (e.g. a vehicle weighing for tax purposes) and also a service weigh in and out, (e.g. a farmer weighs cattle in his trailer prior to going to the mart and on return from the mart weighs the empty trailer to get the cattle weight). The business has the option to charge for these services or not

Approved Weighbridge Certification

The COREbridge® software solution is an approved manufacturer under Measuring Instruments Directives (MID). The National Measurement Office (NMO) ensures fair and accurate measurements are available and used for transactions regulated by law. They are responsible for the National Measurement System (NMS) regulating the UK’s system of weights and measures, hallmarking and utility meters.

Accurate Data recording

Reduced time taken at weighbridge

Full Audit Trail – Each Load, Collection, Quality Test and Financial transaction and any changes that are recorded on the system are fully traceable

Touch Screen enabled- User experience



Reduces Paperwork

The weighbridge litres are assigned to the milk load as soon as the load weight is updated on COREbridge thus removing the necessity to print multiple dockets and data entry.

Response Times

The weighbridge information is immediately available in the Milk Balancing Aid to ensure any discrepancies are highlighted immediately