COREmilk® Supplier Self Service

COREmilk® Supplier Self Service is a powerful online tool, which reduces paperwork and administration by allowing pre-approved milk suppliers to securely access their own milk and financial details online. It provides an efficient means of notifying suppliers of promotions, milk policies or government and EU agricultural schemes and provides access to their Milk Statements for review and reprint in PDF format.

Secure login with easily managed user permissions


Securely view and manage milk supplier information on a real time basis via the internet

Managers/reps have full access to suppliers information on farm visits


Managers have access to Web Stats to monitor usage of the site.


Daily, monthly and yearly milk volumes and quality test results


Drill from annual to monthly to daily values


Year on year and month on month comparisons of supply and quality test results

Reprint of current & historical milk statements


Secure Access

Using the latest in secure 128-bit encryption keys COREmilk® Supplier Self Service enables customers to review account and transaction information safely and secure anytime, anywhere across the internet

Secure Registration Process

Suppliers can register to use the Milk Self Service by answering a security question relating to their milk supply. A randomly generated password is emailed to the supplier, ensuring the site and your information is secure.

Data Presentation

The account data is presented for the individual supplier logged on and allows views of current and historical data. Suppliers can view details of collections, test results, quota, payments and milk statements. This is all available with comparisons and profiling and is done through a secure web login that no one else has access to.

Ease of Use and Analytics

The ease of use with intuitive navigation, graphics and online help makes the COREmilk® Supplier Self Service a winner with suppliers. This solution can turn your dairy processing industry into a proactive e-Commerce solution.


Ease of Installation

COREmilk® Supplier Self Service links to 3rd party ERP solutions and is easily customised to reflect the client’s corporate branding, logos and existing website presentation


Ability to run Year on Year Comparisons

Across Milk test Results allowing the supplier identify trends




Supplier Registration

Suppliers can register and access the site themselves with no assistance from your business.

Forgotten Password Functionality

Ensures the supplier can generate a new password themselves if required.

Instant access on the go

For Suppliers to their Daily, monthly and yearly milk volumes and quality test results 24 hours a day.

Reps Access to their Supplier’s Accounts

Allowing access to all your suppliers information at a touch of a button when onsite on the farm

Ability to access historical and current Milk Statements

therefore greatly reducing postage costs to your business each month.