eCommerce & Mobile Shopping

The COREonline® eCommerce Module provides the Master Data and Pricing Engine to any front-end website. CORE maintains all of the data and images required for Online Sales using standard maintenance functions. Our eCommerce Interfaces send this information to your website where it is displayed within your online shop.

Ensures that the flow of data between the clients’ servers and the hosted servers is seamless, secure and real-time

Compatible with all operating systems, and can be deployed on all laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Protects the integrity of your data

Customer Orders via mobile

No duplication of master or transaction data

There is only one database for all customer, product, pricing and inventory data

Eliminates the need for managing an online business separate from your branch business

Any changes you make to products, prices, customers and stock levels are automatically available on the website, without the need for manual intervention by you