CORE Data Analytics transforms your business data into actionable business insights. It allows you to improve company performance, stay on track with your business objectives, identify inefficient business processes, uncover hidden patterns, forecast accurately, and predict customer demand; it is an invaluable tool for any business.

Data the CORE Tech Way

Unparalleled Data Analytics

CORE Data Analytics is based on the best-in-class Oracle Analytics Server software, providing you with unparalleled data insights and strategic decision making. The solution scales well in terms of pricing, performance, and support, and provides a unified user experience in one common architecture. The software runs in web browsers with no need for installation of larger applications and mobile device compatibility provides access to key data on the go.

  • Data Governance

    Data Governance

    The software gives you the ability to govern your business data, which is essential in today’s business landscape, especially in light of data security and GDPR legislation. Role-based security also allows you to control what business data your employees have access to and when, based on their role in the organisation.

  • Data Warehouse

    Data Warehouse

    Build a data warehouse to handle larger data sets and unite data from different business systems into one. CORE Data Analytics provides one system with one view! It consolidates data from disparate systems into a single, powerful reporting tool that spans all of your business functions.

  • Role-Based Dashboards

    Role-Based Dashboards

    Create personalised, role-based dashboards with reports tailored to the employee’s role, allowing users to focus on high-level strategic data pertinent to their role. This facilitates more informed decision making. A Sales Manager, for example, can view specific sales dashboards relevant to their KPIs, providing contextual analytics at an operational level.

  • Agents & Alerts

    Agents & Alerts

    The software utilises agents to operate in the background of the software. The solution runs periodically to produce reports and email the results to individuals or groups. Set up alerts based on a client’s requirements to flag critical items such as when a customer’s credit limit is due to be exceeded, when purchase order approval is required, stock write offs, late sales orders, price differences, and much more.

  • Pixel Perfect Reports

    Pixel Perfect Reports

    Generate high-quality business reports and manage large volume reporting. The ability to auto generate reports is a very useful tool within this function. For example, a large team of sales reps with varying sales orders whose commissions are sale based, this feature can autogenerate reports, freeing up previous time spent collating and managing this data.

  • Data Visualisation

    Data Visualisation

    The software allows you to explore your data visually, in an easy-to-read format. You can use the visualisation tool to easily identify trends and outliers in your business data. The visualisation tool incorporates the ability to upload your own data sets (spreadsheets,csv,xml) or connect into other databases, to easily combine data from disparate sources.

The CORE Data Analytics Package

CORE Data Analytics is an intuitive and highly scalable platform that presents data in a meaningful and actionable way. It provides the power to highlight inefficient business processes and uncover hidden patterns that provide valuable insights. CORE Data Analytics provides a report starter pack that includes sales analysis and a dashboard starter pack. As part of the package, we also provide:

  • Training on navigating the data model and building reports
  • Basic dashboard design (included in training)
  • The development of personalised dashboards
  • The creation of dashboards to replace report packs
  • Consulting on how to add to the data model from other systems, from spreadsheets, and from XML feeds (loyalty card systems)

Our Industry Specialists

Customer collaboration is fundamental to how we operate. We collaborate with you from the start, and our industry specialists’ expertise remains unmatched by other providers. Our teams are experts in their field and they work closely with you to ensure they have a fully rounded understanding of your business, your goals, and how our solutions fit into that. We are able to create powerful and impactful products that make a real difference thanks to our deep understanding of the industries in which we operate.

Jim Doyle

I have worked with CORETech for 19 years, 10 prior to that in a university environment. One of the biggest developments I have seen in my career is how AI enabled smart insights (data analytics) is giving clients the crucial data they need to make informed and strategic decisions across their business.  We provide one system to view all your strategic data, transforming it into usable insights.  CORE Tech is at the forefront of data analytics in our industry, offering a full data analytics package which complements all our products. For those unsure of the benefits, we offer consultancy packages, training, and the development of personalised dashboards etc, just call us for more information!

Jim Doyle Data Analytics Product Manager

What Our Customers Say

Jim McCann

Strathroy Dairy Limited

The transition to CORE Tech was seamless. Automating our milk management process has brought so many benefits to our organisation including freeing up staff time and reducing costs. COREmilk is an essential tool in our day-to-day operations but also allows us to extract valuable data to assist with strategic decision making.

Eamon Duignan

Lakeland Dairies

CORETech are always on hand to offer support and industry knowledge and have proved to be more than just a software provider, they are like another department in our organisation!

Hugh Holland

Barryroe Co-operative Limited

With the MilkedIn App, Farmers get a notification within less than 24 hours. Suppliers now have an abundance of information to avail of in a very sleek user-friendly app. The power to analyse and compare data is immense in regard to quality and supply. The Milkedin App is an indispensable tool to all farmers in Barryroe Co Op.

Anthony Caroll

Peter Curran Electric

COREretail, and in particular the Specials Module, ensures that every non stocked item we purchase is either invoiced to a customer or prepayment has been received. This is vital where specials sales are 25% of our business. Additionally, we can see at a glance the status of any item as it routes through the system.

Jim Kennedy

M.D. O’Shea & Sons

The CORE Automated AP solution has enabled us to increase operational efficiency and lower costs. Staff can be redeployed to value-added tasks elsewhere in the office. In partnership with Convergent and CORE we have, for some of our supplier invoices, a fully automated system whereby invoices are received electronically and processed to the point of payment without any manual/staff intervention.

Maryanne Quigley

Wallaces Home Value Hardware

CORE Specials has become a function that we find hugely beneficial. It’s clarity has allowed us save time when tracking customers special orders and has made our process for specials so much more efficient and accurate, for both us and our customers.

Pat Ahern

T&A Building Supplies

Since partnering with CORE in 2009 our business has not looked back, CORE has allowed us to redefine our internal processes and has driven us to a new level of efficiency.

John Kennedy

Brett Brothers Limited

We have moved from a situation where all orders were passed from the rep to the office on a phone call, or customers calling directly, to having over 70% of our feed orders being entered through the Sales Order App. It has made us more efficient and accurate in our order taking operation.

Michael O'Driscoll

Bandon Co-Op

We have recently completed stock takes across our branch network using the CORE Stock mobile App with Bluetooth barcode scanners. Feedback from our staff was very positive and I would be happy to recommend this to others.


Our goals were to improve customer service, be efficient and generate cost savings – CORE Tech has delivered on all fronts.

Mark O’Donovan

Purchasing Manager Barryroe Co-op.

I would never have had the capacity for the extra duties I undertook after some key staff retired had it not been for the CORE Data Analytics Tool, and the time savings this has afforded me.

Heat Merchants

COREretail allows our customers check availability of products and reserve it for collection from their mobile phone, any time, any place.

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