CORE Proof of Delivery App

CORE’s Proof of Delivery app replaces the need for manual delivery tracking processes with all deliveries being recorded, stored and password protected on the app. CORE’s Proof of Delivery (POD) process allows the electronic recording of goods delivery via signature, GPS coordinates, or photo. The app is a powerful tool for quickly resolving order delivery disputes.

CORE Proof of Delivery App
  • Revenue Generation

    Revenue Generation

    Orders that are lost or damaged can cost a company a lot of money. Our Proof of Delivery app ensures that all relevant POD information is electronically stored, allowing sales to be invoiced promptly.

  • Remove Delivery Disputes

    Remove Delivery Disputes

    Equipping your drivers with the app, enables them to include valuable delivery data electronically. Drivers can include pictures of goods in situ, a GPS location of where the goods were delivered to, and an electronic signature of who signed for the goods, removing the possibility for customer disputes.

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    Increased Productivity

    Allows drivers to progress through delivery steps more efficiently. In addition, drivers can access specific delivery instructions for each order on the app, removing driver queries to the office. The app increases productivity and reduces paper based and manual processes.

  • Unique ID

    Unique ID

    CORE Proof of Delivery provides unique ID for each delivery truck in your fleet and each truck ID is password protected to ensure security.

  • Historic View

    Historic View

    The CORE Proof of Delivery app provides the ability to view historic deliveries for each truck.

  • Multiple Orders

    Multiple Orders

    The app provides the capacity to view multiple orders for each customer.

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