COREretail is the leading ERP solution in the agri-trading, hardware, and DIY sector, based on more than 40 years of R&D. Our flexible system provides companies with the tools they need to sell more, boost profits and control inventory and has the functionality to manage sales, inventory, pricing, purchasing and financial accounting in one easy to use platform.

COREretail facilitates
COREretail facilitates an average of 20,000 sales per day
COREretail Locations
COREretail is used in more than 0 trading locations across Ireland and the UK
COREretail Revenue
COREretail processes more than 0 million of sales revenue per day

Key Features & Benefits

COREretail was developed in response to real industry challenges, and seamlessly handles single store, multi-branch trading, and multi-channel selling. COREretail manages the entire supply chain and centralises financial data, allowing you to make better decisions in real time. Designed to improve efficiencies in the day to day running of your business whilst also providing valuable data to facilitate strategic decision making, COREretail covers all your business needs!

Single Platform

Single Platform

COREretail can consolidate all your business needs into a single platform, including point of sale (POS), inventory, store operations, and financials, giving you complete visibility of your entire business operations.

Configurable Solutions

Configurable Solutions

The COREretail system was designed to be highly configurable and can be tailored to your current and future business needs. Our analysis and implementation process focusses on your requirements and challenges ensuring that these are met and resolved. 

Committed R&D

Committed R&D

Our solutions are built on more than 40 years of research and development, as well as ongoing customer collaboration and innovation. They are finely tuned and equipped to meet all industry challenges, as well as being flexible enough to meet future ones.

Real-time Analytics

Real-time Analytics

Ensuring that your business is profitable and efficient is important to CORE. Monitoring and managing margins as well as forecasting and managing stock is essential in every retail business. Real-time analytics and customisable reports allow your company to make data-driven strategic business decisions while also empowering your team. 

Increased Efficiencies

Increased Efficiencies

We continuously assist our clients in streamlining their business processes and procedures, driving profitability and increasing efficiencies, through ongoing consultation.

COREretail Modules

At CORE Tech, we support our clients across their business through an extensive selection of comprehensive software modules. All of our modules integrate seamlessly into each other enabling our customers to have total control of the business management platform, trading platform, financial, inventory, traceability, logistics, and sales.

CORE POS & Procurement
CORE POS & Procurement
CORE Online eCommerce
CORE Online eCommerce
CORE Supply Chain Management
CORE Supply Chain Management
COREretail Analytics
COREretail Analytics
CORE Customer Self Service
CORE Customer Self Service
CORE Financial
CORE Financials

CORE POS & Procurement

CORE’s Point of Sale encompass all the POS features required to run your business efficiently and profitably. CORE offers a strong and robust solution which has been proven to boost profitability, improve inventory control, streamline processes, and reduce costs.

Why CORE Point of Sale Module?

  • Customer Management – The CORE point of sale system caters for all your existing and potential customers. Through customer classification, credit limit management and targeted product price management we help you ensure that returning customers are at the cornerstone of your business.
  • Time Saving – Our POS modules save you time by assisting with important management tasks. They simplify and streamline the customer buying process from enquiry to quotations to securing the sale. They also free up valuable staff members’ time while improving reporting accuracy and detail, avoiding the inefficient and time-consuming process of creating manual reports.
  • Up to the Minute Reporting – Generating easy to read reports for various aspects of your business including stock covers and margin monitoring. Up to the minute reports are available as required, to assist management in making key business decisions.
  • One off Purchases – Ensuring customer loyalty is important in any business. By being there for your customer to source and supply products that they need is essential in a highly competitive market. CORE provides a seamless system to facilitate this process ensuring that needs specific to customers can be met and managed at all stages of the sale from enquiry through to supplier purchase and customer despatch.
  • Better Customer Experience – The module helps improve and streamline operations for customers. Customers are served faster and feel looked after – meaning increased customer satisfaction and return business.

CORE Online eCommerce

The CORE Online eCommerce module integrates any front-end website to the master data and pricing engine. CORE maintains all the data and images required for online sales and displays the information on your web store via the e-commerce interface.

Why CORE Online eCommerce Module?

  • Seamless Integration – Our Online eCommerce module’s seamless integration eliminates the need to manage an online business separate from your branch business.
  • Real-time Data – The ability to access data in real time ensures that data flows seamlessly, securely, and in real time between the client’s servers and the hosted servers.
  • Mobile Compatibility – The eCommerce module works with all operating systems and can be installed on any laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • All Data In One Place – With only one database for all customer product, pricing, and inventory data, you can access all data in one place. This means that no master or transaction data is duplicated.
  • Security – The Online eCommerce module protects the integrity of your data.
  • Online Sales – You can capitalise on online customer sales opportunities.

CORE Supply Chain Management

In a frequently changing business landscape, many businesses face challenges in purchasing and stock optimisation. Managing and maintaining adequate stock supply to meet your customer needs can often be difficult. Inaccurate and incomplete information can result in lost revenue and aged stock.

Why CORE Supply Chain Management?

  • Enhanced Inventory Control – Users are empowered to make educated buying decisions by having minimum and maximum stock levels at product code. By driving these levels using actual sales data and supplier information, buyers and shop floor staff can purchase based on forecasts or automate the buying process based on stock levels. Cycle counting, partial stock takes, or individual product stock takes ensure that stock on hand figures are constantly monitored and updated.
  • Buying Control – The CORE Procurement system offers a variety of buying options that can be tailored by user, location, or supplier. Everything from central and expense purchasing to maximum order values and purchase approval limits can be controlled, managed, and tailored to your specific business needs.
  • Supplier Product Management – COREs extensive supplier product management suite allows for simple and efficient methods of managing supplier pricing and catalogues. Price uplifts and discounts, rebate management, and margin cushion facilities ensure that your business is accurately recording cost prices and showing true sales margin.
  • Supplier Performance Management – The CORE system contains several facilities to manage and monitor supplier performance. From late deliveries, shortages, and over charges on invoicing, our data analytics allows for fully customisable supplier performance reporting.
  • Seamless Financials – CORE has extensive options for managing supplier invoices. You can greatly reduce the number of paper invoices used in your business through tools for invoice automation and document scanning. In addition, the extensive handling of invoice disputes, missing deliveries, and product overcharges ensures that invoice payment can be held until all invoice issues are resolved.

COREretail Analytics

The COREretail Analytics module is a powerful tool that utilises real time analytics to highlight inefficient business processes and provide valuable insight into your organisation’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

Why COREretail Analytics?

  • Meaningful Data – COREretail Analytics presents data in a meaningful, actionable, and easy to read format, allowing companies to make data based strategic decisions.
  • Reporting – COREretail Analytics can auto produce periodic reports and deliver key results to individuals or groups via email.
  • R&D Commitment – With over 40 years of continuous R&D commitment and collaboration with industry customers, our solutions give you a competitive advantage.
  • Oracle technology – COREretail is built on an open architecture and uses Oracle’s full technology stack, including database, application server, and developer tools. It can be integrated with third-party and legacy applications. These are physically separate tiers with multiple firewalls and the most up-to-date SSL security. This enables us to provide a menu of modules from which you can select based on your company’s requirements.
  • Multichannel Communication – We understand how important it is for your business to engage with customers in a variety of ways. Such a multichannel approach is possible thanks to our single database, which records every transaction, price change, and stock movement, ensuring that you always have the most up-to-date information. This ensures consistent pricing across all platforms, improved product procurement, real-time customer account management, and detailed cost-margin controls.
  • Unified Business Data – We offer fully integrated applications that access a single set of data and provide a single source of truth. This method allows businesses to rely on information at the transactional and reporting levels while avoiding inaccuracies caused by disparate systems. As a result, reporting is simplified; it has complete drill down capability to every transaction and delivers accurate information on all business units to senior management from a single screen.

CORE Customer Self Service

The CORE Customer Self Service module is a powerful web-based application that enables pre-approved customers to securely access their trading information online whenever and wherever they need to.

Why CORE Customer Self Service?

  • View Current & Historical Transaction Data – Preapproved customers can view their current and historical transaction data in a secure web environment
  • Mobile Sales & CRM Data – Sales reps can use the system remotely to view CRM data via a laptop, tablet, or smart phone, allowing them to have more informed conversations with customers and identify customer buying patterns and opportunities for further sales.
  • Ease of Use – The CORE Customer Self Service module is easy to use and an excellent addition to a proactive business, thanks to its secure login, intuitive navigation, graphics, and online help.
  • Analytics – The system analytics provide real-time tracking and graphical representations of customer visits, frequency of use, and top pages, which can be used to improve the customer experience.

CORE Financials

CORE Financials is a powerful module that allows businesses to collate financial data from all aspects of the business, providing users with valuable real-time business insights and facilitating financial data-supported decision making.

Why CORE Financials?

  • Real Time Reporting – CORE Financials provides real-time, easy-to-read financial reports on any aspect of your business, to pre-approved key users. Reports can be structured to meet your company’s reporting requirements and are available at the push of a button.
  • Improve Supplier/Customer Experience – The financials module enables businesses to deal with suppliers and customers more efficiently and effectively by utilising functions such as accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger, among others. These modules provide numerous advantages, including simple invoicing and prompt payments.
  • Integration – All of CORE’s modules integrate seamlessly with other applications in our solution suite, giving you complete visibility into your entire business processes.
  • Enhance Financial Controls – CORE General Ledger is a high-level management accounting solution that improves your company’s financial controls, data collection, information access, and financial reporting. It is at the heart of the CORE Financials module, allowing the user to tailor the system to their specific needs and create a chart of accounts to match the existing organisational structure. Accountants can close the month end faster, and business managers can gain greater financial insight.
  • Budgeting & Planning – CORE’s integrated ERP system assists managers with budgeting and planning tasks by improving cost accounting and allowing managers to define budget and costs accurately.

COREretail Product Brochure

Our Industry Specialists

Customer collaboration is fundamental to how we operate. We collaborate with you from the start, and our industry specialists’ expertise remains unmatched by other providers. Our teams are experts in their field and they work closely with you to ensure they have a fully rounded understanding of your business, your goals, and how our solutions fit into that. We are able to create powerful and impactful products that make a real difference thanks to our deep understanding of the industries in which we operate.

Geraldine Quinlan Burke

CORE Tech have been at the forefront of technology right across retailing, dairy and milling for over 40 years. We are passionate about what we do and, as a team, we constantly strive to provide solutions that offer efficiencies and functionality that cannot be matched.

Through ongoing research and development, we have continually grown and expanded our solutions and continue to do so. We partner with multiple providers to ensure a fully rounded solution can be offered to all aspects of a business. Our hosted offerings provide security and peace of mind in an ever-changing technology and infrastructure landscape.

What sets us apart and what has been the key to our success and longevity in the industry is the people in CORE Tech and our approach to software implementations. For CORE Tech, gaining a new customer creates an ongoing partnership where we continually engage and collaborate. We love to ‘roll up our sleeves and dig in’. As a technology partner, we work closely with our client base to help resolve challenges with our innovative and full product suite.

Geraldine Quinlan Burke General Manager

What Our Customers Say

Jim McCann

Strathroy Dairy Limited

The transition to CORE Tech was seamless. Automating our milk management process has brought so many benefits to our organisation including freeing up staff time and reducing costs. COREmilk is an essential tool in our day-to-day operations but also allows us to extract valuable data to assist with strategic decision making.

Eamon Duignan

Lakeland Dairies

CORETech are always on hand to offer support and industry knowledge and have proved to be more than just a software provider, they are like another department in our organisation!

Hugh Holland

Barryroe Co-operative Limited

With the MilkedIn App, Farmers get a notification within less than 24 hours. Suppliers now have an abundance of information to avail of in a very sleek user-friendly app. The power to analyse and compare data is immense in regard to quality and supply. The Milkedin App is an indispensable tool to all farmers in Barryroe Co Op.

Anthony Caroll

Peter Curran Electric

COREretail, and in particular the Specials Module, ensures that every non stocked item we purchase is either invoiced to a customer or prepayment has been received. This is vital where specials sales are 25% of our business. Additionally, we can see at a glance the status of any item as it routes through the system.

Jim Kennedy

M.D. O’Shea & Sons

The CORE Automated AP solution has enabled us to increase operational efficiency and lower costs. Staff can be redeployed to value-added tasks elsewhere in the office. In partnership with Convergent and CORE we have, for some of our supplier invoices, a fully automated system whereby invoices are received electronically and processed to the point of payment without any manual/staff intervention.

Maryanne Quigley

Wallaces Home Value Hardware

CORE Specials has become a function that we find hugely beneficial. It’s clarity has allowed us save time when tracking customers special orders and has made our process for specials so much more efficient and accurate, for both us and our customers.

Pat Ahern

T&A Building Supplies

Since partnering with CORE in 2009 our business has not looked back, CORE has allowed us to redefine our internal processes and has driven us to a new level of efficiency.

John Kennedy

Brett Brothers Limited

We have moved from a situation where all orders were passed from the rep to the office on a phone call, or customers calling directly, to having over 70% of our feed orders being entered through the Sales Order App. It has made us more efficient and accurate in our order taking operation.

Michael O'Driscoll

Bandon Co-Op

We have recently completed stock takes across our branch network using the CORE Stock mobile App with Bluetooth barcode scanners. Feedback from our staff was very positive and I would be happy to recommend this to others.


Our goals were to improve customer service, be efficient and generate cost savings – CORE Tech has delivered on all fronts.

Mark O’Donovan

Purchasing Manager Barryroe Co-op.

I would never have had the capacity for the extra duties I undertook after some key staff retired had it not been for the CORE Data Analytics Tool, and the time savings this has afforded me.

Heat Merchants

COREretail allows our customers check availability of products and reserve it for collection from their mobile phone, any time, any place.

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