Enjoy unparalleled data insights and strategic decision making with CORE Data Analytics

An intuitive and highly scalable platform CORE Data Analytics presents data in a meaningful, actionable way, saving users’ time wading through complex spreadsheets and manually analysing and collating reports. CORE Data Analytics also has the power to highlight inefficient business processes and uncover hidden patterns that provide valuable insight into the organisation’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

CORE Data Analytics scales well on pricing, performance and backing and provides a seamless user experience in one common architecture.

CORE offers report starter packs that include sales analysis and starter dashboard packs.


CORE Data Analytics utilises agents to operate in the background of the software to deliver these benefits:

  • run periodically to produce reports and deliver results to individuals or groups via email
  • report bursting that emails individual PDF reports to each rep

Our package can also provide the following:

  • training on navigating the data model and building reports
  • basic dashboard design (included in training)
  • development of personalised dashboards
  • creation of dashboards to replace report packs
  • consulting on how to add to the data model from other systems, from spreadsheets and from XML feeds (loyalty card systems).

How Oracle Business Intelligence works

CORE Data Analytics is built on the Oracle platform for optimum reliability, flexibility and security.


CORE Data Analytics runs in your web browser. No need to install large applications!


Multi-Device Compatability

CORE Data Analytics can operate on multiple devices such as desktops, tablets and mobile devices throughout your organisation.

Office Integration

CORE Data Analytics offers a range of Office plugins for effective integration.



With CORE Data Analytics you can download specific and multiple reports, and upload reports too.


Jim Doyle

Data Analytics & Cloud Services Manager
E: info@coretechnology.ie
T: +353 25 41400

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