CORE Milk is the niche software of choice for Ireland’s largest dairy co-operatives.

More than 70% of Irish dairy co-operatives trust CORE Milk to manage their business needs, including milk collection, farmer payments, quota management, shares register, liquid milk distribution and the management of financial accounts and reports. It supports small and large-scale dairies with a seamless flow of information from the dairy through to van sales and deliveries. Our collaborative approach to customer partnerships and continuous investment in R&D drives us to create tailored solutions at the cutting-edge of technology.

CORE Milk is a complete dairy management solution.

CORE Milk is built on the Oracle platform providing reliability, flexibility and security. With one system, one view and a robust data analytics package, CORE Milk gives you unmatched control over your dairy information and operations.


Liz Maher

Dairy Industry Expert
T: +353 25 41400

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