CORE Milk Mobile App

The MilkedIn app empowers farmers with real-time data via their mobile phone.
The CORE Milk Mobile App, MilkedIn, gives dairy farmers complete control of their milk data with anytime, anywhere access to current and historical information about collections, quality test results, rolling averages and financials.
MilkedIn is available on IOS/Android smartphones and tablets giving farmers access to all their information on the go.
Mobile alerts give farmers their latest results direct from the lab, empowering them to analyse their dairy performance by volume, quality and payments. The data sync function also gives farmers access to their information when they are on the move and mobile coverage is limited.
We have been rolling out the MilkedIn app for a few months now with great reaction. Farmers were waiting nearly two days before they got there results back, whereas now they generally get a notification within less than 24 Hours. Suppliers now have an abundance of information to avail of in a very sleek user-friendly App.
Hugh Holland

Quality Manager, Barryroe Milk

I have been using the MilkedIn App now for a few months and I have found it to be an excellent method of receiving my milk collection details regarding volumes collected and the test results corresponding to that collection. I find I get my results much quicker now when using the MilkedIn App and it has become an essential device in analysing my milk data on a day to day basis. Having this knowledge at my fingertips is a very powerful piece of technology that every farmer should now be utilising.
Peter Fleming

Dairy Farmer, Barryroe

Key Features

  • Receive mobile alerts when test results arrive
  • A single sign-on gains access to the self-service facility and mobile app
  • Monthly averages are updated each time new results are received
  • Data sync updates and stores information for access when offline
  • Supplier can compare volumes, quality results and kg’s of butterfat and protein

Key Benefits

  • Reduction in SMS texting costs
  • Analyse quality performance with yearly or monthly comparison tool
  • Set quality standards and flag poor results with farmers
  • Support suppliers with state-of-the-art technology that helps manage their performance

Problems Solved

Quick Access to information

Thanks to the quick turnaround and availability of test results, suppliers can address quality issues in a timely manner.

Reduction in queries from suppliers

The Co-op saves time responding to requests for information when suppliers have access to the data they need.

Improved brand image

Communicate via the latest platforms and show industry leadership to improve your image and supplier retention.


Liz Maher

Dairy Industry Expert
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