CORE Sales & Distribution

A flexible sales, distribution and billing system that fully integrates with the latest handheld devices and printers.

Whether you are delivering milk and dairy products or wholesaling to multiples retailers, CORE Sales & Distribution lets you set-up new customers, initiate new orders, process deliveries, record stock, cash collections, coordinate bank lodgements and return goods.

The reconciliation process is quick and simple, using modules for raw material purchases, production, distribution and customer billing and a complete audit trail.

CORE Sales & Distribution is seamlessly integrated with other CORE software modules including inventory management, sales order processing, accounts payable and receivable, bank reconciliation and general ledger. It offers multiple features specific to the sector including agent control, all standard formats of EDI transmission, flexible direct debit processing and driver commissions.

Key Features

  • Nightly handheld interfacing of product, prices and customer details
  • Interfacing of sales, payment and stock detail back to CORE on a daily basis
  • Set-up repeat daily orders on the system
  • Van based sales system for deliveries to homes, shops, schools and third parties
  • Customer rebates payments and facilities for weekly/monthly debtor accounts
  • Stock vans accurately with unsold or damaged stock transferred back into stock

Key Benefits

  • Product, pricing and stock details remain up to date between master data and handhelds
  • Reduced manual keying of information
  • Standing orders allows repeat business to be easily processed
  • Driver product reconciliation highlights discrepancies at day’s end
  • Reconcile payments collected by your drivers at the end of the day
  • Increase sales with third party sales agents selling on your behalf
  • Agent delivery and bonus payments
  • Credit control carried out on handheld and CORE system

Problems Solved

Sales on the go

The mobile system lets you bring a sales system to your customers

Maintain standing orders

Set-up repeat orders and maintain them in advance

Increase invoicing frequency

Weekly debtors accounts helps you invoice more frequently

Improve credit control

Enhances checks on sales to avoid debt and ensure frequent payments are made


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