CORE Share Register

The CORE Share Register is designed specifically for Dairy Co-Operatives.

CORE Share is a comprehensive system that records all shareholder movements including shareholder details, dividend payments and movements of shares and facilitates bonuses from the CORE Retail, Milk Payments and Crop Management modules.

Key Features

Shareholder maintenance
Used to record static shareholder details. A full audit trail is available. Segregates shareholders for reporting by areas, shareholder categories and number of shares. Flexible Payment Methods can be assigned to each shareholder for encashment and dividend payments and links can be created between their milk, trading and grain accounts.
Transaction processing
Share movements can be recorded recorded via Purchases, Redemptions, Transfers and Bonuses. All movements are audited to provide complete tractability on all shareholders throughout the system.
Dividend payments
The comprehensive dividend module incorporates reinvestment, payment by EFT or cheque, or to the shareholders’ milk account. Unpaid dividends accumulate and are paid in the future. Dividends can generated for Multiple Share Types and restricted by Shareholder Categories to facilitate greater flexibility in payment.
Management reporting and annual statements
Annual statements provide shareholders a breakdown of their annual shareholding activity. Management reporting details the shareholding activities throughout the society on an annual basis.

Key Benefits

  • See shareholder activity in a single view
  • Purpose-designed specifically for co-operatives
  • Complete control of dividend payments
  • Enhanced shareholder communications

Problems Solved

Access to current and historical information

Access reports that detail current shareholding position and how this compares to previous years. Shareholder information, movement of shares, flexible dividend payments and multiple bonuses can all be generated from the share register.

Automation of payments and bonuses

Reduce time and overheads. Dividend payments and bonuses are automatically calculated by the system and can be paid directly to the bank.


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