CORE Bridge – Automated Weighbridge

Achieve accurate data and reduced time at the weighbridge.

The CORE Bridge module records the weight of milk that goes over the weighbridge, in and out.

CORE Bridge is fully integrated with the CORE system for maximum efficiency and provides a full audit trail of transactions taken at the weighbridge. Its user friendly interface makes it quick and easy for the weighbridge operator to record information.

With GPRS metering, milk loads ex-farm can be accessed at the bridge before the driver arrives.

CORE Bridge is an approved manufacturer under Measuring Instruments Directives (MID).  The National Measurement Office (NMO) ensures fair and accurate measurements are available and used for transactions regulated by law. They are responsible for the National Measurement System (NMS) regulating the UK’s system of weights and measures, hallmarking and utility meters.

Key Features

  • Fast and efficient option for weighing ex-farm milk
  • Antibiotic test indicator can be configured for use in the system
  • Automatic reconciliation of net milk weight in the milk payments module
  • Touch screen enabled with buttons prompting the next stage of weigh in or weigh out
  • Approved weighbridge certification

Key Benefits

  • Complete integration with CORE Milk
  • Accurate data recording and reconciliation between truck meters and weighbridge
  • Reduced time at the weighbridge

Problems Solved

Reduces paperwork

Weighbridge litres are assigned to the milk load as soon as the load weight is updated on CORE Bridge, eliminating the need to print multiple dockets and or enter data.

Improves response times

Weighbridge information is immediately available in the Milk Balancing Aid to ensure any discrepancies are highlighted immediately.


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