Core G&Q

CORE G&O is the market leader in niche, end-to-end management software for the animal feed and grain storage industries.

For more than 30 years CORE has worked with grain merchants to deliver a highly customised, industry specific solution for grain management.

CORE G&O caters for all aspects of grain operations, including contract management, grain processing and storage, inventory control, transportation, financials and reporting. The software oversees management of feed sales, order processing, mobile and online sales, purchase contracts, grain intake and processing, raw material procurement and weighbridge operations through to load planning, dispatch and complete mill accounting. It also manages inventory, traceability and all ledgers.

With CORE’s grain operations software managing 40% of all Irish grain intake, we invest continuously in R&D to ensure our solutions remain at the forefront of industry.

CORE G&O is built on the Oracle platform for optimum reliability, flexibility and security. It provides one system with one view and a robust data analytics package, supporting you to make timely, informed decisions with confidence.