CORE Transport Scheduler

Functionality to manage, monitor and dispatch goods.

This module optimises delivery of loads to save time and create greater workflow efficiencies. Sales orders can be set-up for delivery from any location and appear for processing in the relevant transport scheduler locations. Orders are then assigned a particular delivery run, loaded and dispatched. Once dispatched the customer’s account is credited and the stock updated. CORE Transport Scheduler is integrated with automatic weighbridge and optimises load deliveries to save time.

Key Features

  • Optimise load planning and delivery with notifications about orders in the same area
  • Truck summaries detail the customers, products, delivery instructions and truck compartment
  • Transport Self Billing (TSB) auto generates haulier invoices and standardises rate calculations.
  • Transport classifications relevant to delivery method makes it easy to identify related orders
  • Define capacity controls to notify users when delivery capacity has been reached

Key Benefits

  • Integrated with automated weighbridge
  • Automatically invoice customers
  • Optimises delivery of loads to save time
  • Eliminates manual reconciliation of external haulier invoices
  • Access accurate Information