CORE Mill – Weighbridge

Achieve accurate data and reduced time at the weighbridge

Our purpose-designed weighbridge module facilitates the complete automation of bulk-in and bulk-out weighing, can take-on load dockets at weighbridges recorded locally or centrally, link to test results from lab systems and integrate fully with CORE systems including the payments system and haulier self-billing modules.

The module also provides a full audit trail of transactions taken at the weighbridge.

Key Features

  • Fast and efficient option
  • Quick access code feature that brings user directly to the weigh in or weigh out screen for that order
  • Bulk In facility to process weighing of stock from third party locations brought in via a weighbridge
  • Bulk Out facility to process stock taken out using a weighbridge
  • Adhoc weighing service for third parties with option to charge service fee
  • Approved weighbridge certification

Key Benefits

  • Accurate data recording
  • Reduced time at the weighbridge
  • Full audit trail
  • Trace every load, collection, quality test and financial transaction
  • Touch screen enabled user experience


Donal Murray

Mill Industry Expert
T: +353 25 41400

Laurence O’Flynn

Mill Industry Expert
T: +353 25 41400

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