Core MilkedIn

Mobile access to complete milk collection information in just one app.

The MilkedIn app gives dairy farmers unprecedented control of their farm operations with on-the-go access to information about their current and historical collections, tests and payments via their mobile phone.

Data is regularly updated and stored in the app giving farmers access to the most recent collections and tests even when mobile network coverage is limited.

MilkedIn empowers farmers through real-time data and the ability to analyse their dairy performance in terms of volume, quality and payments.

MilkedIn provides access to all of their milk collection information within one app enabling the farmer to save time. The farmer can see all of their current and historical Collections

Farmers get a notification within less than 24 Hours. Suppliers now have an abundance of
information to avail of in a very sleek user-friendly App. The power to analyse and compare data is
immense in regard to Quality and supply. The Milkedin App is an indispensable tool to all farmers in
Barryroe Co Op.
Hugh Holland

Quality Manager, Barryroe Milk

The MilkedIn App and it has become an essential device in analysing my milk data on a day to day
basis. I have found it to be an excellent method of receiving my milk collection details regarding
volumes collected and the test results corresponding to that collection. MilkedIn is a powerful piece
of technology that every farmer should be utilising.
Peter Fleming

Dairy Supplier to Barryroe Co-Op., Barryroe Co-Op.

Key Benefits

Benefits to the Milk Processor

  • Reduction in overheads such as texting and general queries
  • Assists suppliers to improve quality
  • Helps attract prospective suppliers
  • Improves supplier retention and increases loyalty
  • Reinforces brand and enhances visibility

Financial Feature Benefits

  • Access a break-down of the farmer’s payments for each year
  • Details the periods the farmer was paid for, the cents per litre and the amount paid each month
  • Graphs highlight which month achieved the highest price for milk alongside a breakdown of all payments

Benefits to the Farmer

  • Access to real time information that allows the farmer to work faster and smarterAccess to real time information that allows the farmer to work faster and smarter
  • Notifications for new quality results
  • Rolling monthly quality averages are available
  • Offline capabilities provide stored data when network coverage is limited
  • Analysis of current and historical performance