CORE Cycle Counting Module

Eliminate lost sales, maintain stock accuracy and enhance analysis as your business grows and changes.

Ensure accuracy of inventory and pricing with the Cycle Count Module. Seamlessly integrated with the CORE retail system it can be customised to focus on products of higher value, higher movement volume or that are critical to business processes.

Key Features

  • Systematic counting of a small portion of the total inventory based on predefined classification of products
  • Generate daily cycle count lists for one or more users to outline what needs to be counted
  • Define cycle counts into product levels for easy use
  • Enter cycle counts using handheld or via the CORE inventory system
  • ABC Analysis can be done based on sales or value of each product
  • Flexibility to add products as the business changes

Key Benefits

  • Enhance inventory accuracy and integrity through continuous counting
  • Root effective cause analysis of inventory errors, theft or damaged goods
  • Eliminate the cost of, and disruption caused by, annual stock take
  • Improve process control and problem identification
  • Enhance accuracy of interim financial statements

Problems Solved

Eliminate lost sales

Eliminate lost sales due to stock outs and/or shorts resulting from misplaced product or zero on-hand.

Maintain Stock Accuracy

Historical problem ranges can be examined to maintain stock accuracy.

Effective analysis

Effective root cause analysis can be done on inventory discrepancies

Knowledge of Product Range

Helps improve staff product knowledge and shop floor lay out