eCommerce & Mobile Shopping

Seamlessly connects data, pricing and images to your online shop

The CORE Online eCommerce Module integrates the master data and pricing engine with the front-end of your online store. The CORE system holds all the data and images you need for online sales and uses the e-commerce interface to display the information on your web store.

Key Features

  • Ensures data flow between the client and hosted servers is seamless, secure and in real-time
  • Compatible with all operating systems, and can be deployed on all laptops, tablets and smart phones.
  • Protects the integrity of your data
  • Facilitates customer orders via mobile

Key Benefits

  • No duplication of master or transaction data
  • There is only one database for all customer, product, pricing and inventory data

Problems Solved

Manage online and in-store

Manage your online store and shop floor as one – no separation between your online business and your branch.

Changes in real time

Changes to products, prices, customers and stock levels are automatically updated to the website without manual intervention.