Online Self Service

Self Service is an intrinsic part of CORE’s Hardware and DIY retailing solution that reduces paperwork and administration

Online Self Service is a powerful web-based tool that reduces paperwork and administration by allowing pre-approved users secure access to their account information and business transactions such as invoices, payments, sales orders and their relevant status. Users can also access copy documents and information for the procure-to-pay life cycle for order accuracy, process efficiency and reduced invoice exceptions. Self Service is easy to install and use and is fully supported by our online support and customer help desk.

Key Features

  • View delivery details, trading statements, invoices and payments
  • Optimise order processing
  • Access contract documents

Key Benefits

  • Reduce administration costs
  • Easily reference product discounts, seasonal offers and rebates with all agreed contract documents available with links to proof of delivery and dispatch dockets
  • Comparisons and profiling can be done through a secure web login that limits access

Problems Solved

Optimise Interactions

Collaborative processes on orders, deliveries and invoices helps your suppliers to optimise interactions achieving quick, significant and sustainable cost savings.

Save Time

Easy access to contract data online saves time on queries, reduces errors in stock outs, deliveries and payments made on accounts.