Sales Order App

Keeps the sales ordering process moving even when sales reps are offline.

With up to 40% of sales orders lodged when sales reps are offline, the CORE Sales Order Mobile App is proven to keep the order process moving.

The CORE Sales Order Mobile App makes it easy for sales reps to place orders using their mobile phones. With information such as product prices and customer information synced to the phone on a regular basis, sales reps no longer have to phone in orders or wait until they have access to a laptop or computer. With real-time, accurate information to hand and a straightforward sales order process, sales reps can free up their time to work on their next sales opportunity.

It is very easy to use, fast and gives great peace of mind… Thumps up.
Michael Ryan

Business Manager, Glanbia Agri Business

Offline Order Entry

Sales reps can place an order even when they have no mobile network coverage.

Protects your margins

Pricing is controlled via the main system. The Sales Manager is alerted if an order is outside agreed limits, allowing them to protect their margins.

Auto Sync of Data

The app automatically syncs regularly with the main server to update customer information and product pricing regularly.

Key Benefits

Quick and easy to use

The mobile app is quick and easy to set up. Each sales rep has their own unique ID and set of data that is synced from the main CORE system to your phone.

Offline Order Entry

Sales reps can take orders anytime, anywhere, with access to customer information, pricing and even agreed discounts or special prices.

Security of Data

The app works solely with Windows and Apple phones for the utmost in security, having been rigorously tested and passed the highest level of security requirements.