COREmilk is a powerful dairy software solution that integrates milk management and financial processes for small and large-scale dairy co-ops into a single, easy-to-use software solution. Its success is built on decades of dairy industry experience and our deep passion for developing solutions that do the hard work for you!

COREmilk pays milk suppliers for 3.8 billion litres of milk annually
COREmilk is trusted by 0% Irish dairy co-operatives
CORE MilkedIn App is available to over 10,000 milk suppliers and growing!
The Share Register manages shareholding details of 45,000+ shareholders

Key Features & Benefits

At CORE, we lead the way in providing expert industry knowledge and solutions built on the latest technologies for the ever-changing dairy industry. Our COREmilk solution is a fully Oracle based product and thus provides comprehensive data access and security features, full auditing of data changes, and flexible menu structures. The software is cutting-edge, interactive, and comprehensive in its coverage of all aspects of milk management.

Single Platform

Single Platform

COREmilk consolidates all your business needs into a single platform from milk collection, quality, and farmers payments right through to financials and reporting. This gives you complete visibility of your entire business operations through a single dairy management mobile app.

Commited R&D

Committed R&D

Our solutions are built on more than 40 years of research and development, as well as ongoing customer collaboration and innovation. Working with over 65% of Irish dairy co-ops, our solutions are finely tuned and equipped to meet all current dairy industry challenges, as well as being flexible enough to meet future ones.   



COREmilk simplifies and automates your business processes through one innovative dairy management mobile app. Replacing manual processes and saving time and money which allows your team to focus on the bigger picture. 

Data Integrity

Data Integrity

COREmilk is designed to significantly reduce the amount of data you need to enter manually, allowing your team to free up time for other important tasks while maintaining data integrity.



Using the CORE MilkedIn App, milk suppliers can access key data, whenever and wherever they need it! 



COREmilk’s flexibility allows for multiple different pricing structures under one company, interfacing with multiple truck & laboratory systems, bespoke milk statement design and addition of further modules such as the Self Service, Mobile App, Ex-Farm Weighbridge, etc.

COREmilk Modules

At CORE Tech, we support our COREmilk clients across their business through an extensive selection of comprehensive software modules. All of our modules integrate seamlessly into each other enabling our customers to have total control of the business management platform, trading platform, financial, inventory, traceability, logistics, and sales.

CORE Milk Assembly
COREmilk Assembly
COREmilk Payments
COREmilk Payments
CORE MilkedIn Mobile App
CORE MilkedIn Mobile App
CORE Shares Register
CORE Share Register
CORE Customer Self Service
COREmilk Supplier Self Service
COREmilk Haulier Payment
COREmilk Haulier Payment

COREmilk Assembly

The COREmilk Assembly module caters for all areas of milk collection, including delivery, upload and reload. With full milk traceability from farm collection to final destination, our fully integrated dairy software solution provides a seamless means of exchanging information between farmers, hauliers, milk laboratories and customers. The key to successful milk management involves ensuring a smooth transition between each of the groups and processes, through to final delivery to the customer. COREmilk achieves this and more. It also records salvage milk, milk transferred, and facilitates third party milk collection.

Why COREmilk Assembly?

  • Milk Collection & Quality Data Capture – Milk collection data is captured electronically using GPRS and file transfer interfaces via our dairy collection app. The milk quality is captured via automated interfaces with milk laboratories to share suppliers milk volumes and capture milk quality test results.
  • Milk Quality Grading Analysis – Calculation of geometric, simple, weighted and four-day averages with colour coded alerts of below standard and out-of-range results.
  • Communication – Milk quality test result are notified to the milk supplier via SMS, mobile app notifications, online portal, and the truck metering system.
  • Traceability – COREmilk provides full milk traceability from farm collection to final destination with module messages which allow users to monitor the status of collections and deliveries are interfaced to the system.
  • Full Audit Trail – Each load, collection, quality test, delivery transaction, and amendments are recorded on the system and are fully traceable.
  • Weighbridge Interface – Records the weight of all milk that goes over the bridge, both in and out. Milk loads collected ex-farm are available on the bridge before the driver arrives on the bridge if GPRS metering is in use. Ex-farm milk weighbridge litres are reconciled to the load totals of collected litres recorded in the Milk Assembly system.
  • Interfaces with 3rd Party Metering Systems – Interfaces with all milk collection truck metering systems and National & UK providers such as GPRS & plugin, Diessel GEA, Piper, Bartec, Midas, Gardner Denver, etc.

COREmilk Payments

COREmilk Payments strategically manages all aspects of your milk payments. The module provides a variety of milk contract types, each with their own sets of rates for each milk constituent, as well as quality bonuses and penalties. COREmilk Payments also facilitates manual ad hoc debit and credit transactions. Early milk valuation, as well as configurable data validations, enable quick, secure transactions and direct payments to supplier bank accounts. With the click of a button, you can generate customised milk statements and reprint historical statements. Fully integrated and compatible with third-party software, COREmilk Payments can import transactions from standard CSV files and is fully compliant with Microsoft Excel and Word.

Why COREmilk Payments?

  • Flexible Payment Structures – With user specification of rates for each constituent of milk, standard deductions, manual entry of ad hoc debit and credit transactions, and ability to import of transactions.
  • Full Integration – Fully Integrated to CORE Accounts Receivable, Bank Reconciliation and General Ledger systems to facilitate account balance offsets, bonus payments, and bank transfers.
  • Centralised Information – One central repository for all milk member information provides access to all aspects of the supplier’s current and historical details such as collections, quality, payment, milk statements, free text notes, and call logging from a single screen, ensuring you have all the pertinent information on hand to quickly resolve any member query.
  • Customisable – Customised features are available, such as the ability to set up user defined milk quality test payment types, personalized milk statements, deduction, and allowance parameters.
  • Early Milk Valuation – Our milk payment system allows you to execute multiple trial milk valuations before completing the final period end close, allowing you to ascertain and analyse the milk payment information at any time.
  • Real Time Analytics – Real-time analytics allow your company to make impactful data-driven business decisions. You can view the big picture or drill down to the finer details.
  • Supply Forecasting – Maintenance for suppliers’ predicted, forecasted, fixed, and liquid litres allows for production and delivery planning.

CORE MilkedIn Mobile App

The MilkedIn dairy management mobile app was developed to allow Co-operatives to easily communicate to their shareholders. Information such as milk payments, milk collection, quality tests and financial information are now instantly accessible to farmers via a user-friendly app on their mobile phones.

Why CORE MilkedIn Mobile App?

  • Reduced SMS Costs – Instead of sending a text message to each farmer, the app pushes co-op notifications directly to each farmer’s phone.
  • Ease of Communication – Co-op notifications, such as test results and upcoming AGMs, can be sent as frequently as needed. Information can be sent to individual farmers or to groups of farmers based on geographical location etc.
  • Instant Notifications – All results are flagged to farmers as soon as they are available, which is especially important for red flag results. Farmers receive an auto notification to check the dairy collection app, ensuring pertinent information is readily available.
  • Empowering Farmers – Farmers can examine their current and historical volume, quality, cow testing, and payment performance. Historical data is available in easy-to-read graphs, allowing farmers to forward plan and easily identify patterns and problem areas.
  • Access To Data on the Move – Farmers can access data while on the go, which is useful in the busy lives of farmers.

CORE Share Register

Traditionally share management was a laborious and time-consuming task for dairy co-ops but our online share system has transformed the way co-ops manage their shares. The CORE Share Register module is designed specifically for dairy co-operatives and records all movements of shares within the organisation, freeing up valuable staff hours, improving accuracy across the share processes, and ensuring ease of share transfers and transactions.

Why CORE Share Register?

  • Share Recording – Co-ops can record and manage all their share activities in one easy to use system with links to the shareholders milk, trading & grain accounts.
  • Ease of Share Transactions – Shareholders’ share movements can be recorded via purchases, redemptions, transfers and bonuses. All movements are audited, providing full traceability on all shareholders throughout the system.
  • Single View – From one enquiry, it is possible to see the shareholders full activity with the society and drill into the details behind each account.
  • Share Bonus – Designed for co-ops, the Share Register module facilitates share bonuses from the COREmilk, crop payments & agri trading systems.
  • Comprehensive Dividend Module – This is a powerful & flexible engine to suit all co-operatives dividend payment requirements. Dividend may be paid via multiple methods, accumulate unpaid dividends owed, and incorporate reinvestments of shares and hold payments when specified.
  • Improve Communications – With shareholders using SMS notifications and user definable letters, the Share Register module is a powerful communication tool that can be used to notify shareholders of their current holdings, of upcoming events, and any changes to company policies, etc.
  • Automation of Payments and Bonuses – Dividend payments and bonuses are automatically calculated by the system and can be paid directly to the bank resulting in less overheads for reconciling these annually.

COREmilk Supplier Self Service

COREmilk Supplier Self Service is a powerful online tool, which reduces paperwork and administration by allowing milk suppliers to securely access their own milk and financial details online. It provides an efficient means of notifying milk suppliers of promotions, milk policies or government and EU agricultural schemes and provides access to their Milk Statements for review.

Why COREmilk Supplier Self Service?

  • Secure Access – COREmilk Supplier Self Service enables milk suppliers to review account and transaction information safely and securely anytime, anywhere, across the internet.
  • Data Presentation – The module presents data in a meaningful, actionable, and easy to read format, including year on year comparisons and user-friendly graphic representations etc.
  • Ease of Use and Analytics – The ease of use with intuitive navigation, graphics, and online help makes the COREmilk Supplier Self Service module a winner with suppliers.
  • Self-Registration and Forgotten Password Facility – Ensures suppliers can securely register and access the site with no assistance from your business.
  • Instant Access – COREmilk Supplier Self Service provides suppliers with access to their daily, monthly, and yearly milk volumes and quality test results 24 hours a day.
  • Historical and Current Milk Statements – The module provides access to historical and current milk statements greatly reducing postage costs to your business each month.
  • Access for Farm Advisors – Farm Advisors have access to their milk supplier’s key information at the touch of a button when on farm visits or attending meetings etc. ensuring more informed discussions, advice, and decision making.

COREmilk Haulier Payment

The COREmilk Haulier Payment module is designed to calculate payments due to external hauliers for milk collected ex farm and delivered over the weighbridge. The amount payable to each haulier is user defined and can be calculated using collection litres, weighbridge litres, and ad-hoc debit and credit adjustments. Minimum and excess cartage charges can also be applied based on the number of collections each haulier undertakes per supplier.

Why COREmilk Haulier Payment?

  • Flexible and Functional – This parameter driven module allows for flexible and functional payments structures that can be tailored to meet the businesses current and future needs. Variable payment rates can be applied per haulier or per customer where information is valued by the weighbridge or metered litres.
  • Integration with CORE Financials & COREmilk – Payments are made to the haulier driven by the collection & weighbridge information on the COREmilk system per haulier. Invoices for processing are made available via the Accounts Payable and totals are posted to the General Ledger.
  • Accuracy of Payments – Payments are automated by the system. This ensures that you are paying your hauliers based on the information they have provided you for collections, removing the risk of manual error.
  • Greater Efficiency – All information required to pay the hauliers is available within COREmilk removing the need for data entry, spreadsheets, or manual calculations. This results in a reduction in costs and allows your staff to make better use of their time.
  • Haulier Payments Details – The breakdown of how each haulier’s payment was calculated is available in the enquiries and shows each component of the total payment.
  • User Driven Pricing – The pricing on how each haulier is paid can be set at an individual level. Payments can be flexibly defined to pay different rates to different hauliers and additional charges can be made based on the customers that the milk was delivered to.

COREmilk Product Brochure

Our Industry Specialists

Customer collaboration is fundamental to how we operate. We collaborate with you from the start, and our industry specialists’ expertise remains unmatched by other providers. Our teams are experts in their field and they work closely with you to ensure they have a fully rounded understanding of your business, your goals, and how our solutions fit into that. We are able to create powerful and impactful products that make a real difference thanks to our deep understanding of the industries in which we operate.

Liz Maher

I joined CORE Tech in 1995 and so began my relationship with the dairy industry. As a functional consultant I influenced the design and functionality of what is now one of our flagship products COREmilk. COREmilk was developed in partnership with dairy industry leaders in Ireland and the UK. The ever-evolving product uses the latest technology to capture, analyse and deliver critical information to both the milk processors and their suppliers

I have gained extensive knowledge of the dairy industry due to frequent engagement with the majority of co-ops in Ireland and have played a key role in consultancy and delivery of their projects. I enjoy the challenge of creating a vision for how new technology can continue to support the industry.

Liz Maher Head of Commercial Operations

What Our Customers Say

Jim McCann

Strathroy Dairy Limited

The transition to CORE Tech was seamless. Automating our milk management process has brought so many benefits to our organisation including freeing up staff time and reducing costs. COREmilk is an essential tool in our day-to-day operations but also allows us to extract valuable data to assist with strategic decision making.

Eamon Duignan

Lakeland Dairies

CORETech are always on hand to offer support and industry knowledge and have proved to be more than just a software provider, they are like another department in our organisation!

Hugh Holland

Barryroe Co-operative Limited

With the MilkedIn App, Farmers get a notification within less than 24 hours. Suppliers now have an abundance of information to avail of in a very sleek user-friendly app. The power to analyse and compare data is immense in regard to quality and supply. The Milkedin App is an indispensable tool to all farmers in Barryroe Co Op.

Anthony Caroll

Peter Curran Electric

COREretail, and in particular the Specials Module, ensures that every non stocked item we purchase is either invoiced to a customer or prepayment has been received. This is vital where specials sales are 25% of our business. Additionally, we can see at a glance the status of any item as it routes through the system.

Jim Kennedy

M.D. O’Shea & Sons

The CORE Automated AP solution has enabled us to increase operational efficiency and lower costs. Staff can be redeployed to value-added tasks elsewhere in the office. In partnership with Convergent and CORE we have, for some of our supplier invoices, a fully automated system whereby invoices are received electronically and processed to the point of payment without any manual/staff intervention.

Maryanne Quigley

Wallaces Home Value Hardware

CORE Specials has become a function that we find hugely beneficial. It’s clarity has allowed us save time when tracking customers special orders and has made our process for specials so much more efficient and accurate, for both us and our customers.

Pat Ahern

T&A Building Supplies

Since partnering with CORE in 2009 our business has not looked back, CORE has allowed us to redefine our internal processes and has driven us to a new level of efficiency.

John Kennedy

Brett Brothers Limited

We have moved from a situation where all orders were passed from the rep to the office on a phone call, or customers calling directly, to having over 70% of our feed orders being entered through the Sales Order App. It has made us more efficient and accurate in our order taking operation.

Michael O'Driscoll

Bandon Co-Op

We have recently completed stock takes across our branch network using the CORE Stock mobile App with Bluetooth barcode scanners. Feedback from our staff was very positive and I would be happy to recommend this to others.


Our goals were to improve customer service, be efficient and generate cost savings – CORE Tech has delivered on all fronts.

Mark O’Donovan

Purchasing Manager Barryroe Co-op.

I would never have had the capacity for the extra duties I undertook after some key staff retired had it not been for the CORE Data Analytics Tool, and the time savings this has afforded me.

Heat Merchants

COREretail allows our customers check availability of products and reserve it for collection from their mobile phone, any time, any place.

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